Do you get it? Not quite. What contemporary art can give us

Ürituse lava: Paide 3000 (R)

"Do you have a clue what this is about? Nope, do you? Not the faintest, let’s go get coffee and pretend we got it. That dialogue is often heard or read off people’s faces in a contemporary art gallery - it can come across as hard to understand, take in and link to one’s own experience of life. It can seem inaccessible and some go as far as say it is not very useful or relevant. At the same time we have performance artists working with NASA, the CERN creating an artist residency and Arte Util bringing learning tools to kids. Let’s talk about what contemporary art can give you. "


Arutelu keel: Inglise
Arutelu juht: Anastasia Lemberg-Lvova (noor kunstnik, Kogo galerii juhatuse liige, Start Forumi asutaja)
Osalejad: Mirjami Schuppert (Titanik gallery, Turu, Soome), Liina Raus (Kogo galerii, Tartu), Stella Mõttus (Kanal galerii, Võru), Alexei Gordin (kunstnik, Tallinn), Gloria Maria Cavalieri (Culture manager, Milan)"
Korraldaja: MTÜ Start Forum and MTÜ Kogo Gallery